Matthew Clifton

Matthew Clifton knew he needed to make some changes and adopt a healthier lifestyle.  Using the Orbera intra-gastric balloon, Matthew lost a total of 48 pounds.  His cholesterol went from 240 to 151 and his energy level improved dramatically.


Julie Faison

I had the Orbera procedure in Dec of 2015. To me this sounded just like what I needed to jump start the lifestyle change I wanted and desperately needed. It was non-surgical and was up to me to lose the weight and keep it off once the balloon was removed. I lost 58 lbs. before the balloon was removed. After removal, because of the changes I had made in the 7 months with diet and exercise I lost another 12. I have managed to maintain that weight loss from July 2016 to today.

Dr. Woody Weeks



Gastric Sleeve

Sheila Rice

On November 29th my life changed. I was on numerous medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, and other weight related issues. I was tired of living that way. I knew if I didn’t get control of my weight that it was going to kill me. I placed my faith in Dr. Holt and the wonderful staff of Sterling Bariatric Center to help me in my weight loss journey. Everyone was wonderful! I am so glad I chose the Sterling Center for my gastric sleeve. They are simply the best! They continue to give me support as I go forward with my weight loss. Having the gastric sleeve surgery at the Sterling Center was the best decision I have ever made. Today, I am down 60 pounds.

Amanda Higginbotham

I had attempted to use another facility local to me but once I spoke to Karole at the Sterling Center it was obvious that I had found my place! They made the entire experience so pleasant & answered all of my annoying questions! I had attempt to use another facility local to me but once I spoke to Karole at the Sterling Center it was obvious that I had found my place! They answered all of my annoying question without making me feel like I was a problem! I am down a total of 60 pounds at 6 months post op & I have Dr. Holt, the Sterling Center & Colquitt Regional Medical Center to thank for my success! I would do it all over again!

Marissa Phillips

My gastric sleeve procedure was on June 23, 2017 and since that day, I have NEVER looked back!  I am almost 7 months post-op and have lost a total of 82 pounds so far. The only regret that I have is that I didn’t do this sooner. Dr. Holt and the entire team at The Sterling Center have been fantastic to me! Not only has this been a fabulous physical transformation, it has been an even better emotional transformation. I’ve always been loved by others, but now I finally love ME and what a blessing that self-love is!

Jennifer Dent

I had the Gastric Sleeve Surgery at Sterling Bariatrics January 6th, 2017 by Dr Melton, one year later I am over 160lbs loss and am doing things (Running in 5k’s for example!) that I wouldn’t think I’d ever do again. Thanks to this surgery I have regained life and energy I forgot that I had. I was able to come off countless prescriptions for all kinds of ailments that faded with the weight loss. Dr Melton, Blake and the entire Staff at Sterling Bariatrics are amazing! I encourage anyone who has struggled with their weight management to not keep putting it off and call and schedule an appointment, to sum up my experience in two simple words; Life Changing.

I had the gastric sleeve on July 18th 2016, and have lost 105 pounds. In my 23 years on this earth, nothing I have done has been as worthwhile as the surgery. From the moment I woke up, I knew my quality of life was forever changed for the better. The surgery is not magic, though, the surgery cannot make you want to work hard and lesrn discipline and restraint. Rather the magic comes from the way my self-esteem and self-worth have exponentially grown.



Stephanie had the lap band procedure in 2014 with Sterling Center Bariatrics. She has lost a total of 75 pounds and has been able to keep the weight off!