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Learning about Weight Loss Surgery

Beginning the weight loss surgery journey can be daunting process, but Sterling Center Bariatrics is there for you every step of the way, easing any concerns or fears. We offer a variety of minimally invasive and open surgery procedures, specific to your needs and preferences. Your journey to a healthier happier life starts here and now!

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Comparing Weight Loss Surgery Options and Providers

The team at Sterling Center Bariatrics is here to help you choose which procedure is the right one for you. The Sterling Difference is that we are here to set you up for success from the very first consultation all the way through the year after your surgery.

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Why I Chose Sterling Center Bariatrics

I love the Sterling Center. All the staff is always helpful. I’ve never had any type of an issue. They don’t make you feel like you’re just a patient. They interact with you there.” – Justin Carter, Weight Warrior



What I Wish I Knew Before Weight Loss Surgery

“The emotional and mental changes have been phenomenal, but now I am looking forward to the physical changes that are going to come with this journey.” – Detra Little, Weight Warrior

WLS is more than just physical changes

You’ll feel better

I never realized how bad I felt until I felt good

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Why the Weight Warriors Group Makes the Difference

 When you become a patient at Sterling Center Bariatrics, you also gain access to the Weight Warrior group on Facebook. In this group, bariatric patients share milestones, recipes, questions and serve as a support team for your success.

There’s a support group

At SB, you have a support group



Post-Surgery Thoughts and Feelings

Now I’ve got a lot more energy. I run marathons now.” – Kent Butler, Weight Warrior

I run marathons now

I make better decisions

I feel good

I have a lot more energy


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Thank you for your interest in Sterling Center Bariatrics! We look forward to helping you start your weight-loss journey. The next step is to scheduled your confidential 30-minute session with Blake Williams.

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